About the Company

My name is Christina Cox and I’m a freelance editor living and working in Richmond, Virginia. I’ve worked in many areas in the publishing industry; currently, I work as a copy editor for Amplify Education, Inc. and as an author assistant through Tuck Austin Associates.  I have experience with manuscripts ranging from computer manuals to literary novels!

Whether you need a critique, copy editing, a full edit, or publicity services (via Tuck Austin Associates), I can help. If you’re interested in having me edit your project, or you have additional questions, you can contact me here and we can get started!

Rates, resume, and references available upon request.

I post to my blog every Thursday to discuss writing and editing tips, interesting articles about the publishing industry, and blurbs about some of the books I’m reading.

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Previous clients include:

Creative Media Agency, Inc.

The Writing Center at the University of Mary Washington

High Stakes Writing, LLC.

Inkwell Book Co.

Richmond Magazine | R•Home Magazine

The Rappahannock Review