Southern Reach Trilogy to be Made Into Films

Did you know that Jeff VanderMeer‘s Southern Reach trilogy has been picked up by Paramount?!

I first came across the trilogy– Annihilation, Authority, and Acceptance— when Book Riot brought it to my attention. I’m not always a science-fiction reader, but I couldn’t resist these covers…

southern reach trilogy jeff vandermeer
These covers, you guys. These covers…! [Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan]
…so of course I had to buy at least the first book in the series. VanderMeer also came to my local indie bookstore, Fountain Bookstore in Richmond, but of course I was away at school when he came. Bummer! I assuaged my guilt by buying the other two books in the series. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a good book cover. I’m the graphic designer’s dream sell.

Anyway, despite my lack of previous sci-fi reading, I loved Annihilation. It was just weird, and wonderful, and mysterious enough for me to ignore my lack of scientific knowledge and just enjoy myself. Then time passed, and I almost forgot about the trilogy.

Almost. You see, I’m a Netflix binger. Disgustingly so. And one of my all-time favorite shows (one that everyone should watch, by the way) is Jane the Virgin, starring Gina Rodriguez. I loved Rodriguez from the moment she stepped onto the screen and I didn’t stop. I followed her on every social media account she owns, including Snapchat. And one day…

gina rodriguez annihilation film
Photo credit Gina Rodriguez [Instagram: @hereisgina]
…she posted this, along with the caption, “My boo. #annihilationFilm by director Alex Garland.”


So, obviously, my next move is clear. I have to re-read it! And read Authority. And read Acceptance. Wow, my summer’s filling up fast.

Have you read the Southern Reach trilogy? Are you just as excited about this film (and its casting) as I am?

Annihilation the movie will be out in 2017.

VanderMeer is also on Twitter, @jeffvandermeer


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