On Unlikable Characters

I've been thinking a lot about unlikable characters lately. I'm about halfway through Roxane Gay's Bad Feminist; in one chapter, "Not Here to Make Friends," she addresses the issue of likable and unlikable characters. She talks about why we're drawn to unlikable characters, why we prefer unlikable male characters over female characters, and why the idea of needing … Continue reading On Unlikable Characters


Pokémon Go Book Tag

Things I love: Pokémon Go and book tags. I'm pumped for this. The funny thing about me and Pokémon Go is that I live in the suburbs in a small town. Meaning, my Pokémon Go screen looks like this: The Pokéstops near me consist of a couple of gazebos, a phone tower, and Chipotlé. Those are some excellent … Continue reading Pokémon Go Book Tag

Books That Scared the (Poop Emoji) Out of Me

This post originally ran on my old blog on April 20, 2015. I'm a wuss, but I somehow end up reading books that scare the pants off of me and seriously force me to reconsider getting a nightlight. Here are some of the books that have haunted (heh heh) me after I've read them: Coraline A … Continue reading Books That Scared the (Poop Emoji) Out of Me

literary buttons

Literary Buttons (and Where to Get Them)

Remember back in 2007, 2008 when everyone was obsessed with Pieces of Flair on Facebook? That hobby has now extended into real life; tons of people, including me, now collect buttons. Mine started when I began throwing the free buttons I'd get at school into my desk's junk drawer. But now that putting buttons on things … Continue reading Literary Buttons (and Where to Get Them)

find cheap textbooks

Where to Buy Cheap Textbooks

As I’m transitioning to the new space here, I’ll feature a throwback from my old blog every Tuesday. This post originally ran on January 19, 2015 (but let's be honest with ourselves... it's always relevant). Since the new college semester will be beginning soon (and therefore everyone will be jumping at the bit to buy their … Continue reading Where to Buy Cheap Textbooks