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Why Do We Let Authors’ Biographies Eclipse Their Work?

There's a pattern I've consistently noticed in classes (or online forums) revolving around evaluating literature: when people interpret works solely based on events from the author's life. This is by no means a new revelation; people have been talking about it for ages and attributing the problem to a variety of authors. But it is something that happens more [...]

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So You Want to Be Lin-Manuel Miranda?

Even though we already knew this was true, Lin-Manuel Miranda is a certified genius. While we may never reach Miranda's level of overall coolness, we all know reading books makes us smarter. So the logical next step is to read all the books he's read and hope something rubs off on us too! First off, he's [...]

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Books with Gorgeous Covers

Let's be honest, we all do the whole "judging a book by its cover" thing. I have absolutely skipped over a book in the library or bookstore just because the cover was ugly. I've also bought a copy of a book and later bought a new edition, just because the new cover was prettier. Obviously, the [...]