So You Want to Be Lin-Manuel Miranda?

Even though we already knew this was true, Lin-Manuel Miranda is a certified genius.

While we may never reach Miranda’s level of overall coolness, we all know reading books makes us smarter. So the logical next step is to read all the books he’s read and hope something rubs off on us too!

lin manuel miranda book
Only read the tweet this picture came from if you want to cry.

First off, he’s done several interviews in which he discusses his love for books and various authors. Media sites like The New York TimesRemezcla, and Bustle have written articles about the books that have inspired and captivated Miranda throughout the years. He lists a ton of books in the Times piece, so get ready to load down your TBR.

alexander hamilton ron chernow
I mean, like… do we even need to talk about this one? [Image: Amazon]
He’s also tweeted about several books he enjoyed introducing to his students when he was still teaching.

Not only is Miranda busy writing the music for the upcoming Disney movie Moana and preparing for his role in the new Mary Poppins movie, he’s also written a couple books of his own:

Okay, so maybe the In the Heights book doesn’t count. But it’s my favorite musical, so I’m adding it.

People have also been creating “Lin Manuel Miranda Book Lists” on Goodreads. Some of the books included are from the articles I linked to above, but others are inspired by characters he’s written or are comp titles to books he’s recommended.

During a Periscope back in June, Miranda talked about the book he was currently reading: Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood PalWonder if that’s the next musical project he’s been alluding to? (Definitely not. But how funny would that be?)

Finally, among his now-mildly-famous goodnight tweets is this gem, a piece of advice for any of you writers out there:

You heard it from Hamilton himself: Keep writing.



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