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James River Writers Conference 2016

This was my third time attending the annual James River Writers Conference, and this year was just as incredible an experience as before. Since I was a good little attendee, I didn't take a lot of pictures while in the panels, but the schedule of events is still online, if you're interested. (I also live-tweeted some … Continue reading James River Writers Conference 2016

national book festival 2016

National Book Festival 2016

I was so excited to make a post about my experience at this year's National Book Festival that... I didn't end up doing it. So here's the post that I should have made, two weeks late. Oops! Let's take it from the top. This year, the festival was held at the Washington D.C. Convention Center instead of … Continue reading National Book Festival 2016

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Writing Prompts, October 2016 Edition

Writing Prompts is part of a monthly installment where I post ten writing prompts to help kickstart your writing.  Ever since Vivian Lawry started #promptember, I've been thinking more about writing prompts. A few times, when I've been really stuck for what to write about, I've tried Googling "writing prompts" or "free writing prompts" to see … Continue reading Writing Prompts, October 2016 Edition