Writing Prompts, October 2016 Edition

Writing Prompts is part of a monthly installment where I post ten writing prompts to help kickstart your writing. 

Ever since Vivian Lawry started #promptember, I’ve been thinking more about writing prompts. A few times, when I’ve been really stuck for what to write about, I’ve tried Googling “writing prompts” or “free writing prompts” to see if anything could pique my interest (or my muse) but I didn’t find much.

I’m not writing much right now, but I know there’s got to be people out there struggling to find a spark for their stories. So here’s a little list of ten writing prompts to get you on your way; some of them could be for a work in progress, and others could be a small writing exercise to get your creative juices flowing. I’m going to make this a monthly installment, so make sure you spread these prompts out to last you the whole month!

October’s Ten Writing Prompts:

  1. What myths/urban legends surround the setting of your story?
  2. Does your character have a mantra, or something that a mentor/family member told them that has stuck? What is it, and in what situations does your character use it?
  3. Your character has been away from their significant other for two weeks, the longest time they’ve been apart since getting together. What has happened in that time? What happens when they’re reunited?
  4. What is your character’s favorite place? Where do they go when they’re scared/overwhelmed? Is anyone else there?
  5. Is your character eager to please, or loathe to accept criticism?
  6. Your character found themselves in a sticky situation with their worst enemy, and now they have to try to pretend they’re in a relationship. Does it work out? Do they end up developing feelings, or do they remain enemies?
  7. Is your character clean or messy? What happens when they meet someone with the opposite personality?
  8. The Latin phrase brutum fulmen means a harmless or empty threat (it literally translates to “senseless thunderbolt”). What character in your story is a brutum fulmen? Are they a red herring for the legitimate villain?
  9. Your character has a run-in with the police. What happened? Is your character legitimately in trouble, or are they covering for someone else?
  10. The person your character usually collaborates with, or is usually your character’s partner, is now their main competition. What happens now?

Bonus Prompt: Write a story/poem/chapter beginning with the word “music.”

I hope these help you brainstorm great ways to kick off your writing. From now on, join me the first Thursday of every month for more writing prompts like these!


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