Writing Prompts, February 2017 Edition

Writing Prompts is part of a monthly installment where I post ten writing prompts to help kickstart your writing. 

I wasn’t going to make this a themed post but… it’s February. What can I say?

February’s Ten Writing Prompts

  1. Have your character write a list about the top reasons they love another character (they don’t have to be dating!).
  2. Your protagonist has a “moment” with a complete stranger and now they can’t stop thinking about them. What happens next?
  3. How does your character pay tribute to a loved one who has died?
  4. Your character finds a handwritten poem shoved under their door.
  5. Write about an unconventional form of love.
  6. One of the most important types of love is self-love. How do your characters love themselves? Do they love themselves a little too much?
  7. Write an unconventional love letter. What is a new form this type of letter can take?
  8. Aere Perennius is Latin for “more lasting than bronze,” based on the story of the poet Horace boasting that his collection was a “monument more lasting than bronze.” What monument is your character working to build? Is it physical, or a relationship?
  9. Your character buys a camera at an old store, and it turns out to have used film still in it…
  10. Two of your characters have their own “place,” an unusual spot where they go to spend time together and get away from the world. Where is it? What happens there?

Bonus Prompt: Write a story/poem/chapter beginning with the word “heart.”

Enjoy! Join me the first Thursday of every month for more writing prompts like these.


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