On My Current Reading Slump

I’ve got a problem… I’ve hit a reading slump.

Things have been going really well the past few months. I almost thought that reading slumps of the past were just a figment of my imagination, ’till I hit this one. I guess between all the time off from work because of the holidays– and the holidays themselves– I had read so much I thought my drought was over.

I’ve written about reading slumps before, but at the time it was all hypothetical. Now, however, I’m sitting here with nothing to do (except watch Grey’s Anatomy, which I absolutely will keep doing, no matter how much I decide to read) and I realize I need to take my own advice (or maybe someone else’s)!

I’ve also been brainstorming other ways I can beat this slump. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  1. Read a short book (perhaps a book of poetry).
  2. Read a really long book (sometimes it’s good to just throw yourself into it!).
  3. Read a book I’ve already read (my favorite pastime).

So far… I’m doing all three. I love to read more than one book at once, so hopefully one of these reading slump fixes will help. So far, the transition is going slowly… so I need some help. What is your favorite way to beat your reading slumps?


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