This past Tuesday was World Poetry Day, a celebration of– you guessed it– poetry around the world. People were posting quotes from their own work and from others’, recommendations, books based on poetry, their favorite new poets, and poetry that has captured people’s hearts for years. Several also posted audio/videos of authors reading their own poetry. I also shared a favorite of mine:

There were so many people participating, it’s hard to pick favorites. Many people picked Rupi Kaur’s poetry collection, Milk and Honey. Here are a few of my favorite highlights from the #WorldPoetryDay celebration:

I had a great time scrolling through the tag (and, of course, tripling my TBR pile) all day on Tuesday, and even well after that. I’ve been working hard over the past couple of years to read more contemporary poetry, so this was the perfect opportunity to get some new names. Milk and Honey is next on my list, but I need a new one after that… any recommendations?

I hope everyone else enjoyed #WorldPoetryDay as much as I did. As the poet Sarah Kay tweeted:


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