Writing Prompts, May 2017 Edition

Writing Prompts is part of a monthly installment where I post ten writing prompts to help kickstart your writing. 

Not the first Thursday of May, but I’m a little swamped. Back to our scheduled prompting!

May’s Ten Writing Prompts

  1. Your character finds a flyer for a summer camp no one has ever heard of. When they arrive, strange things begin to happen…
  2. Your character finds out someone has been posing as them online. Is the person a friend or foe?
  3. Write about a local store. Why does it have special significance to the people in your community?
  4. As your character is walking with a friend of theirs, they see the friend take a mysterious purple pill. What does the pill do and how does your character react?
  5. Write a story/poem/chapter about someone traveling for the very first time.
  6. Write a new episode of a television show that has been canceled.
  7. Write dialogue for a character whose dialect differs from your own. Make sure you do your research before you get started!
  8. For fiction writers: “Literally meaning ‘laughing corrects morals,’ the Latin motto castigat ridendo mores was coined by the French poet Jean de Santeul (1630-97), who intended it to show how useful satirical writing is in affecting social change: the best way to change the rules is by pointing out how absurd they are.” How can you show the absurdity of certain rules in your manuscript?
  9. Your character’s family has been in the same line of work since ancient times. Write about a character whose passion differs from their family, or who has a sibling who decides to leave the family business.
  10. Your character develops a “Midas touch”– maybe not of gold, but when they touch things, they change. Maybe inanimate objects come to life, or turn to stone, or morph into a different object entirely. What happens next?

Bonus Prompt: Write a story/poem/chapter beginning with the word “green.”

Enjoy! Join me the first Thursday of every month for more writing prompts like these.


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