#RiotGrams Day 1: Shelfie

It's Day 1 of #RiotGrams ! My favorite thing about today's #shelfie prompt is that everyone's caption is that their pic is only a small part of their book collection. I picked this #shelfie because I'm still amazed I was able to build this thing all by myself... If you don't know already, #RiotGrams is … Continue reading #RiotGrams Day 1: Shelfie


Writing Prompts, June 2017 Edition

Writing Prompts is part of a monthly installment where I post ten writing prompts to help kickstart your writing.  Even though spring is my favorite season, I'm ready for the summer. Here are ten prompts to help you kick off your summer writing! June's Ten Writing Prompts In the back of your character's head, they've always heard … Continue reading Writing Prompts, June 2017 Edition