Writing Prompts, June 2017 Edition

Writing Prompts is part of a monthly installment where I post ten writing prompts to help kickstart your writing. 

Even though spring is my favorite season, I’m ready for the summer. Here are ten prompts to help you kick off your summer writing!

June’s Ten Writing Prompts

  1. In the back of your character’s head, they’ve always heard a little voice talking. They’ve always thought it was their conscience, until one day they meet someone in person with the exact same voice…
  2. Write a story/poem/description of someone comparing them to any piece of nature, but not a flower.
  3. Write about a small town where everyone knows each other; what would happen if their tourism industry suddenly exploded?
  4. Your character signs up for a class only to find out it’s been filled and they’ve been rescheduled to take a class on a subject or training that they don’t have.
  5. Using characters you’ve already established, write a scene in which they encounter some form of magical realism.
  6. Two of your characters find an animal on the side of the road. One wants to keep it, the other doesn’t. What kind of animal is it and what do they end up doing?
  7. Close your eyes. Point. Open your eyes and write a story/poem/description of whatever you’re pointing to.
  8. In Latin, “a felix culpa is literally a ‘happy fault’—an apparent mistake or disaster that actually ends up having surprisingly beneficial consequences.” Write about a felix culpa that happens to your character.
  9. Your character is walking along the beach and something unusual washes up on shore– a small orb that appears to be glowing. What happens next?
  10. From the Writing Prompts Tumblr: “While home for Christmas you flick through Netflix categories late one evening. You find a documentary series about murders who are still presumed to be on the run. Interested, you start binge-watching alone. The third episode in is all about your parents.”

Bonus Prompt: Write a story/poem/chapter beginning with the word “dot.”

Enjoy! Join me the first Thursday of every month for more writing prompts like these.


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