#RiotGrams Day 17: Get Crafty

Day 17: Get Crafty

I painted these flower pots with various lines of poetry:

1- “The bees are flying. They taste the spring.” -Sylvia Plath, “Wintering”

2- “the strange experience of beauty; / its existence is too much; / it tears one to pieces” -Marianne Moore, “Marriage”

3- “We forgot—we worshipped, / we parted green from green, / we sought further thickets, / we dipped our ankles / through leaf-mould and earth, / and wood and wood-bank enchanted us—” -H.D., “The Helmsman”

book crafts

#RiotGrams is a hashtag started by Book Riot. They give a theme for each day of the month (they don’t do it every month, but they’re doing it for June) and you post a “book-ish” picture on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… basically whichever social media platform(s) you prefer. You can skip days or change around the themes– the rules are more guidelines than anything. The only “mandatory” rule is to tag your posts with #RiotGrams. Have fun!

riot grams


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